Texas Country Lodge

Located in Alligator Gar Country our guest  lodge has become very popular with our clients.   Its not the Ritz Carlton but hey you didn't come to Texas to see the Opera and eat in a Michelin rated restaurant did you?

Our lodge is 2 years old and is perfectly convenient for our dedicated Alligator Gar Fishermen:

  • Sleep up to 5 people
  • Wi-Fi & satellite television
  • Microwave oven, coffee maker and refrigerator
  • Air conditioning

It has 2 twin beds,  2 bunk beds and a day bed in the front room in case your buddy snores

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We are 5 miles from town and there are numerous restaurants and bars within driving distance. We are located about 3 minutes from the Lake Livingston and Trinity river if you want to fish in the evening after coming back from the river. We suggest that you stop in Trinity at the local grocery store " Brookshire Bros " and stock up on snacks, drinks etc . We do allow beer on the boat we ask that you Do Not get drunk on the boat If you want beer for the boat each day it has to be purchased the night before as Texas does not sell beer before 10 am